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Los Angeles 
모델제품 사진(photography) 및 일반제품 사진촬영

The Sungwoo Fashion Photo Studio

모델제품 및 일반제품의 모든 사진(e-Commerce Product Photography),
이미지 작업을 대행해 드리고 있으며,
 다음과 같은 작업을 하고 있습니다.

Amazon: Amazon account setup 및 사용할수 있도록 교육까지 제공하며,
Amazon에서 요구하는 제품사진/제품 동영상 제작 가능

Website: Website 제작(Wholesale,Retail), Amazon quality의 패션모델 제품사진,
Product photo(Bags, Shoes, Accessories...)
FashionGo, LaShowroom에 올라갈수 있는 photo size  가능

Video : 영상 Video 및 이미지 Video를 Amazon/website에 사용하여
손님들에게  최대한의 제품홍보 효과
YouTube 에 올라가는 동영상 제작가능
Outdoor shoot: Look book 작업 및 coupon /Brochure/Catalog/Banner image  까지
Customer에게도 다양하게 사용할수 있는 홍보인쇄/디자인 제작

Look book: In Studio shoot or Outdoor shoot 를 통한 Look book 작업
-Look book design/인쇄/촬영/ 모델섭외 및 Make up/Hair styling 까지 전부가능-

Design: In Design 을 이용한 Page 디자인도 가능하며
Web Banner Design도 가능하여 디자인에서 인쇄까지 모든 service를 한번에 가능.
시간과 금액을 동시에 절감 할 수 있는 장점.

모델 섭외/메이크업&헤어/스타일링과
당일에 촬영완료 후 작업파일도 온라인에 필요로 하는 사이즈에 맞춰서 드립니다.
저희 웹사이트에 들어가시면 여러 스타일의 샘플 이미지를 확인할 수 있습니다.

The Sungwoo Photo studio

We do professional fashion photography as well as consulting.  The consulting session also includes: effective way of doing e-commerce, web banners to excellent graphics, and search engine optimization.  We will increase traffics to your website or blog.

Although we are best at fashion photography, we are happy to meet your needs.  For example, if you need photos for e-commerce or for your special day, we will do it.

Whether you are business owner, a model who wants to edit your portfolio to current trends, or a singer who wants to make a professional music video, we will be more than happy to help you to meet your needs.

Studio shoot or outdoor whichever is right for you.  According to current trends, outdoor shoot is effective and our photographer is absolutely amazing at it.  The right second of shoot is must and choosing the exact location is a bonus.

We pride in providing MUA, trendy hair and fashion styling all at one spot.  Whether your taste is breezy bohemian or wonderland, avant-garde or editorial, we will get those butterflies bloom in you.

Sungwoo had participated in many different shows and events including: Style Fashion Week SS16, Nicole Lee U.S.A. Fashion Week, Art Hearts Fashion Show, LA Fashion Week, Kcon Music Festival.  Some of the ongoing events such as Style Fashion Week, he had been participated for 10 years

Please take a look at the sample images on our website
Contact us for more information.  Phone or email whichever is convenient for you.

Studio: 213-605-5611
Daniel: 213-407-6550


1458 S.San Pedro St. #L25/L26
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