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Full Time Sales 모집 합니다. 

주 업무는 기존 고객관리이며, 신규고객 개발은 10~15% 정도가 될거 같습니다.  안정적인 회사이므로, 차분하고, 정확하게, 책임감 있게, 자율적으로 일하시며, 장기간의 직장을 원하시는분께는 좋은 직장이 되실겁니다. 

Position: Sales Associate, Entry Level
Status: Exempt, Full Time, Salaried Position
Salary: $49,920
Work Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30AM-5:30PM
Company Location: Cypress, CA

Our company is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of hair color and hair care products, and looking for a suitable sales representative for our organization. In this role, you will work closely with others in the operation departments of the company and clients.  The work environment is exciting, fast paced and highly energetic!  Joining our team-based environment, you will be surrounded by professional individuals that are very passionate about what they do!
Cooperate website:  www.hoyu.co.jp
Department website:  www.hoyu-professional.com

Position Overview
기존 고객관리가 주업무이며, 신규 고객개발도 하시게 될겁니다.  근무 시간의 대부분이 거래처 방문이 될것이며, order taking and process 를 하시면 됩니다.  제품설명 관련 트레이닝은 다 해드리며, 메뉴얼대로 하시면 됩니다.  본인에게 주어지는 거래처는 주로 LA 한인타운, Fullerton 지역이 가장 많고, 그외 Cerritos, Irvine 등의 지역도 가시게 되므로 거래처 방문일정을 잘 짜시는것도 중요합니다.

Required Qualifications
• Fluent in Korean (본인의 주 거래처가 한인고객 입니다)
• Business level English (저외에 다른 팀원들과는 영어로 소통하셔야 할겁니다)
• Excellent listening skills (고객의 소리를 잘 듣고, 소통하시는분)
• Microsoft word, excel and power point
• Independent (Minimum supervision 에도 알아서 일 잘하실분) 
• Problem solving skill (차분하고, 상황 대처 능력 좋은분)
• Knowledge of hair color & Hair care products is +
• Open minded (job training 을 처음부터 잘 배우실분)
• Familiar with Japanese company culture (일본 기업문화에 잘 적응하실분)
• Microsoft word, excel and power point
• Clean driving record with valid driver’s license
• Must be eligible to work in the U.S.

• Insurance: Medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life and Long term disability
• Paid vacation: up to 15 days depend on years of employment
• Paid Sick Days: 7 days / Year
• Paid Holidays (9-10 days / Year)
• Simple IRA retirement plan
• Company Cell Phone
• Auto Mileage reimbursement

Please send your resume and cover letter to ekim@hoyu-usa.com
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