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Human Resources Department

BankCard Services is seeking for hard working and ambitious individuals to join our dynamic team in Torrance Headquarter. All positions are full-time, with benefits listed below.



 - ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT(Los Angeles Branch Office)









Here are brief descriptions of our available employment opportunities at Bankcard Services. 

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Administrative Assistant (Los Angeles)

  ***This position will operate out of our Los Angeles Branch Office

The successful candidate will coordinate office administrative functions including daily activities associated with running an office, reception, communication with the accounting team, coordinating and organizing meetings, ordering and maintaining office inventory, managing back office duties of the company. All communication is done in English and Korean

Job Responsibilities: 

  1. Greeting guests and answering all incoming calls; direct them accordingly 

  2.    Supporting a departmental team 

  3.    Special projects as assigned by the office manager 

  4.    Responsible for service calls on all office machines (i.e. copiers, printers) 

  5.    Track and maintain employee’s timesheet, attendance, enters absences, late arrivals and vacation onto intranet 

  6.    Responsible for distributing all mail and processing overnight packages 

  7.    General administrative duties such as copying, filing, binding, parking, e‐bulletin board and mail outs 

  8.    Data entry 

  9.    Assisting with employees’ expense claims and reports 

 10.   Maintaining and managing inventory of supplies, vending machines, stocks and kitchen area 

 11.   Ordering office supply and toner 

 12.   Create, modify and format documents 

 13.   Assisting with accounting duties (paperwork) and minor bookkeeping 

 14.   Other office related stuff 

 15.   Word documents, Excel charts, styles, macros and graphic elements such as pictures and org charts. 

 16.   Type correspondence, spreadsheets and reports as directed 


  1. Recommended job-related and consistent with business necessity, such as accounting, management or other related studies 

  2.    Minimum of 1 year administrative experience, preferably supporting a small to medium sized business organization. 

  3.    User level experience with MS Office – focused on Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. Excellent communication, 

        both verbal and written skills, including professional written/email correspondence skills. Project management skills 

  4.    Experience with multi‐line phone system and ability to efficiently process numerous incoming phone calls 

  5.    Basic understanding of accounting principles 

  6.    Highly detail‐oriented and well‐organized individual, able to establish priorities, meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks 

        and demands 

  7.    Excellent work‐ethic skills, high motivation and willing to learn new things 

  8.    Bilingual: Fluent Korean and English; Excellent Korean language knowledge 

  9.    The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences and 

        communicate ideas and speak clearly so others can understand you.


  1. High school diploma or GED



CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE (Korean/Mandarin/Cantonese & English)

Bankcard Services is looking to bring on a Customer Service Representatives to support our merchants, clients and staff with professionalism, tact and skill. The duties will include good problem solving skills, friendly attitude, task oriented, strong multi-tasking skills, computer savvy, customer service experience, and dependability. Organization and attention to detail are keys to this role, as is the ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively.



Answer phones to respond to orders, general Merchant inquires, Bill Statement questions, all of Terminals Issue and customer complaints. Project a professional company image through phone interaction.



  1. Bilingual: Korean/English (Required) or Vietnamese/English (Required)

  2. Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required. This is normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent.

  3. Computer literate with the ability to learn customer service software applications.


"VISA sponsorship available to employees who show great potential."   





 ​ ​Responsible for training, coaching and feedback of team members.

 ​ Create Merchant Terminal Account using various web/window applications. 

 ​ Create download file in the server.

 ​ Release new download files to branches and provide file support.

 ​ Communicating with sales mainly for file inquiries.

 ​ Provide payment application support.

 ​ ​Provide NZ Gateway Support

 ​ ​Provide ROAM Data Support

 ​ ​Provide technical support for sales and internal staff.

 ​ Provide new product support for sales and internal staff.

 ​ ​Communication with Processor & Partners


  1. Communicating with sales – Communicating with sales mainly on phone for download file inquiries.

  2. Communicating with Vendor -- Communicating with vendor in writing, or by telephone, fax, or e-mail

  3. Use of Credit Card Terminals – Troubleshoot and update terminal file at download server.

  4. Documenting/Recording Information -- Observing, receiving, entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or 

        maintaining information in written or electronic form from all relevant sources.

  5. Business Relationship – Building a good relationship with all merchants in order to keep them as our merchant for years 

         to come.

  6. Interacting with Computers -- Using computers and computer program to update download files.



  1. Recommended Associate or Bachelor’s degrees or equivalent experience.

  2. Knowledgeable of computer, internet, web functions and MS Office

  3. Technical skills – comfortable handling any technical devices.

  4. Previous technical job is a plus, but shouldn’t be required.

  5. Bilingual Language:  Korean and English



  1. Merchant Service -- Knowledge of principles and processes for providing merchant services.

  2. Languages – English and Korean in order to understand sales and merchant.

  3. Active Listening – Active listening is very important as merchants complain about the service and need to help them out 

         to prevent cancellation.

  4. Critical Thinking – Critical thinking is also very important to know what to do in situations where a credit card terminal 

         isn’t working at the merchant’s location.

  5. Speaking -- Talking to others to convey information effectively.

  6. Oral Comprehension -- The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words 

         and sentences.

  7. Oral Expression -- The ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.

  8. Speech Clarity -- The ability to speak clearly so others can understand you.

  9. Speech Recognition -- The ability to identify and understand the speech of another person.


  1. Equipment:  Reasonable care of all credit card processing equipment.

  2. Financial: Need to listen and try to give the best service to prevent delays from terminal installation which can result in a loss 

         for the company.

  3. Business Relationship: Keeping a good relationship with all of our merchants to prevent them from cancelling and giving 

         them the best service possible.

  4. Working hours may vary as I am on call 24 hours.





BankCard Services is looking to bring on a Sales Operations Coordinator to support our direct and indirect sales teams and increase operational efficiency. The duties will include sales support to achieve monthly sales including short/long term forecast management, collecting sales data and preparing daily, weekly, monthly sales reports, market analysis, and implementing processes to optimize the operations of our sales force. Organization and attention to detail are keys to this role, as is the ability to learn quickly and communicate effectively.



 ​ Sales support

 ​ Provide documentation and arrangements for new Business Partner relationships

 ​ Distribute marketing, sales, and support documentation to sales channels

 ​ Coordinate new merchant applications and requested supporting documentation submitted by Business Partners

 ​ Assist sales teams with merchant support issues

 ​ Track all incoming actions and inquiries to ensure timely and effective resolution

 ​ Provide basic product and service information required for the greatest immediate and overall outcome

 ​ Identify, research, and resolve problems, logging results and sharing knowledge

 ​ Own issues, triaging them while working with subject matter experts to implement best practice solutions

 ​ Recommend improvements to enhance our processes and the sales force experience

 ​ Attend meetings with existing and potential Business Partners to foster a positive relationship

 ​ Assist in marketing, sales, and product projects as available and required

 ​ Monitoring and tracking the progress of new merchant applications.

 ​ Analyze merchant statements to assess potential savings opportunities and report findings back to Business Partner

 ​ Develop a manual with detailed examples to train sales teams.

 ​ Provide training

 ​ Ensure accurate and timely execution of the data/material received and ability to ask question where appropriate.

 ​ Responsible for maintaining Sales Management Solutions Portal and updating latest news and policy changes.

 ​ Data entry

 ​ Ordering office supply and toner for the team

 ​ Create, modify and format documents

 ​ Word documents, Excel charts, styles, macros and graphic elements such as pictures and org charts.

 ​ Type correspondence, spreadsheets and reports as directed

 ​ Other duties as assigned



 ​ Bilingual: Fluent in Korean & English

 ​ College Degree from a 4 year institution

 ​ Prior experience in the payments industry is beneficial

 ​ Experience in a support environment, preferably a help desk/contact center

 ​ Computer savvy, with experience using web applications and MS Office applications

 ​ A “can-do" attitude and openness to evolving as the company grows

 ​ A strong work ethic and a mature attitude

 ​ Technical knowledge or background is beneficial

 ​ User level experience with MS Office – focused on Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. Excellent communication, both verbal 

   and written skills, including professional written/email correspondence skills. Project management skills

 ​ Highly detail-oriented and well-organized individual, able to establish priorities, meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks 

   and demands





J1 Students are welcome to apply! 


The Web Marketing Assistant is accountable for providing liaison support between Development Unit and Operations by researching, resolving and communicating development issues in a timely manner which promotes effective customer service. The Web Marketing Assistant is also accountable for providing Customer support via Phone, E-Mail, and Chat for Web Solution issues related to online ordering solution for restaurants, ecommerce, sitebuilder program and SNS marketing.

Works with Sales Representatives and Management to identify issues which may be managed by Sales Representatives before and after submitting merchant applications.

Demonstrates a positive “team” oriented attitude and approach toward work assignments in full collaboration and cooperation with others to complete all work assignments according to expectation in most effective and efficient manner possible. Contributes to the ongoing success of the Web Solution team by willingly accepting and embracing “other duties as required”, demonstrating personal flexibility and ability to work overtime, ability to work with minimal supervision, strong sense of urgency; and by modeling an overall quality attitude and approach toward your work.

Actively cross trains in other areas, as required, outside of primary job function.


 ​ Implements marketing and advertising campaigns by assembling and analyzing sales forecasts; preparing marketing and 

   advertising strategies, plans, and objectives; planning and organizing promotional presentations; updating calendars.

 ​ Tracks product line sales and costs by analyzing and entering sales, expense, and new business data

 ​ Prepares marketing reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing sales data

 ​ Keeps promotional materials ready by coordinating requirements with graphics department; inventorying stock; 

   placing orders; verifying receipt.

 ​ Supports sales staff by providing sales data, market trends, forecasts, account analyses, new product information; relaying 

   customer services requests

 ​ Researches competitive products by identifying and evaluating product characteristics, market share, pricing, and 

   advertising; maintaining research databases

 ​ Plans meetings and trade shows by identifying, assembling, and coordinating requirements; establishing contacts; 

   developing schedules and assignments; coordinating mailing lists

 ​ Monitors budgets by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts

 ​ Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading trade publications

 ​ Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities 

   to add value to job accomplishments.

 ​ Actively managing a Social Media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & other Social Media Platforms

 ​ Increasing Social Following and engagement

 ​ Stay on top of all current trends, informing key stakeholders across the organization and making recommendations on how 

   the company should incorporate these trends

 ​ Make recommendations how our social media programs should grow and evolve based on current trends and implement any 

    new programs, changes to the approved strategy

 ​ Oversee daily response and engagement across multiple channels ensuring all messages are addressed and answered in a 

    timely fashion

 ​ Coordinate reporting and analytics and actively look for trends to determine how our social media programs should evolve based 

   on engagement and contributor involvement

 ​ Providing Technical and Customer support related to Web Solution team’s product issues

 ​ Operations and Sales support for all new Web Solution merchant applications

 ​ Solving issues for customers by troubleshooting, investigating problems and proactively identifying support needs in Korean 

   and English

 ​ Improving internal efficiency and customer satisfaction by proactively developing new processes for optimized workflow

 ​ ​Be well-versed with our products, online help software, and social communities

 ​ Identify trends in customer feedback to help drive improvements to our products and processes

 ​ Collaborate with IT, marketing, operations and other departments on various customer and quality assurance projects

 ​ Managing product development process from the concept phase to the post-launch analysis phase

 ​ Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and prioritize daily work assignments

 ​ Prior computer usage/keyboarding experience required

 ​ Excellent telephone etiquette

 ​ Demonstrated positive attitude and team work orientation

 ​ Detail oriented with strong quality and productivity orientation

 ​ Dependable, flexible and focused orientation

 ​ Good communication skills in Korean and English

 ​ Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

 ​ Monitoring, analyzing and managing a monthly advertising campaign via Google Adwords

 ​ Coordinate activity within budget guidelines

 ​ Recommend, oversee, plan and optimize daily / weekly / monthly reporting and KPI

 ​ Demonstrated ability to work in teams with a collaborative interpersonal style

 ​ Good organizational and problem solving skills

 ​ Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

 ​ Arrives on time to work scheduled hours and complete assigned tasks

 ​ Some degree of flexibility to cover other shifts as needed

 ​ Ability to work overtime



 ​ Korean & English (Required)

 ​ Recommended high school or college courses include those related to business, such as management or marketing

 ​ ​1 or more years Customer Service experience in a similar role

 ​ Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

 ​ Effective verbal and written communication skills in English and Korean

 ​ Knowledgeable of computer, internet, web functions and MS Office and authoring software

 ​ Project management experience / Strong interpersonal skills



Data Control Clerk (Data Entry) - Entry-Level


 ​ Merchant Account setup by enters data alphabetic and numeric information on keyboard.

 ​ Maintains customer confidence and protects operations by keeping information confidential.

 ​ Verifies entered account data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data; combining data from systems when 

   account information is incomplete; purging files to eliminate duplication of data.

 ​ Enters and transfers data to up line systems as appropriate.

 ​ Assists Project or Implementation manager to resolve data submission issues.

 ​ Check completed work for accuracy and make any required changes immediately.

 ​ Communicating with other team members and associated Banks.

 ​ Other assigned tasks, including minor admin jobs.


 ​ Solid basic computer skills required including MS suite.

 ​ Strong keyboarding and data entry skills alpha and numeric with accuracy – 40 WPM

 ​ Strong attention to detail is a MUST.

 ​ High School Diploma or GED

 ​ 1 -2 years of experience preferred

 ​ Bilingual(Korean/English)

 ​ Must be reliable and be a team player.

 ​ Work well in a fast paced environment.

 ​ Good follow-through skills and ability to resolve issues in a timely manner

 ​ Availability to work overtime when needed 



DISPUTE SPECIALIST (Korean & English Required)

This position is a entry-level position!


GENERAL FUNCTION: Under moderate supervision, reviews credit card dispute cases to determine financial liability under the appropriate network operating regulations. Partners with the line of chargeback and risk team to provide direction and support to merchants regarding chargeback rules and regulations.


 ​ Monitor and notify merchant of incoming chargeback/compliance cases.

 ​ Enter and manage chargeback data.

 ​ Prioritize cases per due date and manage time sensitive representments.

 ​ Answer inbound and make outbound telephone calls, e-mail, fax to merchants regarding chargeback cases.

 ​ Collect support documents to represent cases to issuer.

 ​ Research cases, draft rebuttal letters, prepare and submit representments to issuer.

 ​ Educate merchants of chargeback procedure and risk.

 ​ Advise merchant on chargeback prevention.

 ​ Support internal staff with chargeback risk and information.

 ​ Analyze chargeback cases and trends.

 ​ Research Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express rules and regulations to improve dispute strategy.

 ​ Performs other tasks as assigned.



 ​ Bilingual English (superior verbal/writing skills) Korean (oral proficiency, some reading and writing).

 ​ Recommended High School or College courses include those related to business, such as accounting, management.

 ​ Knowledgeable of computer, internet, web functions and MS Office and authoring software

 ​ Project management skills/Strong analytical skills




This is an entry-level position.


The VIP Specialist is responsible for maintaining, Strengthening and growing customer relationships. The VIP Retention Team is responsible for the retention of all high level clients for Navy Zebra Brands. The department aims is to develop and execute a strategy that grows that value of the VIP segment.


 ​ Ensuring the team builds and maintains constructive relationships with premium customers.

 ​ Effective and timely reporting with good interpretation and analysis of data

 ​ Tactical implementation of VIP strategies

 ​ Build good communication with the team to ensure VIP service is consistent

 ​ Assisting team with new ideas and projects in order to grow the net win for hosted players

 ​ Working closely with the management team to identify and improve process

 ​ Create a culture of professional service that contributes to VIP satisfaction and retention

 ​ Facilitating training sessions to ensure product knowledge and tools being used appropriately

 ​ Ensure innovation is cultivated within the department to drive new opportunity

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities. The job holder may be required to complete any other reasonable duties in order to achieve business objectives.


 ​ Bilingual (Korean/English) REQUIRED

 ​ Team Management experience

 ​ Strong focus on achieving targets and meeting deadlines

 ​ Highly organized with excellent attention to detail and ability to work under pressure

 ​ Process driven

 ​ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

 ​ Patient, understanding and professional

 ​ Extreme attention to detail, strong organization skills and a high sense of urgency and accountability.

 ​ High levels of motivation and enthusiasm




Medical Insurance, Paid Sick Leave, Paid Holidays, Accrued Vacation, 401K and Life Insurance


Bankcard Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer.​ 

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