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Montebello, CA
Mr. Chung
Montebello 에 있는 Woman's Apparel Warehouse 에서 직원 구합니다. 

JOB POSITIONS :     E-Commerce-(LA Showroom)
            Receiving Controller
                            Delivery Driver
                            Data input & Inventory Controller 
            Assistant Supervisor
      1) Photoshop, MS office, internet upload 가능 하신분 
          fashiongo, LA Showroom 유경험자 환영 

2. Receiving Controller-
      1) Require experiences in warehouse
      2) Responsible for Container schedule + Organizing Stock & Inventory 
          (Warehouse 에서 Container receiving + schedule + Organizing Stock & Inventory) 
      3) Forklift 도 운전할수 있어야 함.-( Certificate Preferred)

3. Delivery Driver-
      1) Require Valid C Driver License with clean 2 years Driving Record prints out from DMV 
      2) Must have experience with driving  bobtail trucks and vans 
      3) At least 1year of professional driving experience 
      4) Loading and unloading  trucks, and vans+ shipping dept. related job duties. 
4. Data input & Inventory Controller -
      1) Proficient in Microsoft office
      2) Detail oriented
      3) Must have Multitask skills
5. E-COMMERSE Warehouse Order processing Dept. Supervisor for 2nd Shift-(4:30 pm- 1am)  
      1) Require experiences in warehouse 
      2) Support and Manage  order shipments
      3) 책임감이 있고 성실하며 ,좋은COMMUNICATION SKILL 을 가지신 분
6.  E-COMMERSE Warehouse Order processing Dept. Assistance Supervisor for 1st shift-(7:00 am-3:30 pm)
      1) Require 2-3 years  work experience as Supervisor
      2) ​Manage and support order shipments 
      3) 책임감이 있고 성실하며 ,좋은COMMUNICATION SKILL 을 가지신 분
                  Bilingual(if possible), 
                  Must be Eligible to work in USA 
                  Pay Rate: 면접시 협의 
                  월요일 부터 금요일, And Saturday-if busy  -Full Time 

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