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EASEL was established in 2004 with the promise & goal to bring better sourced, higher quality products to its customers by using industry know-how and the best available resources. We have been successful in a very competitive industry for the past decade with our contemporary styles by reaching and exceeding expectations with known professionalism, quality, and trustworthiness.  
EASEL is best known for its soft fabrics and ease of wear. Our line is not limited to any specific season or trend, and can be worn year round. Relaxed and loose fitted, our clothes are perfect for all occasions whether a picnic at the beach or a night on the town.
We are seeking motivated individuals who would like to join our team and find themselves in pursuit of a full time career here at easel. Our company welcomes individuals who are eager to grow in this industry to join our family to develop skills necessary to succeed. Creative, experienced, enthusiastic, determination, are all welcomed factors for us here at easel.
Import Pre-Production Associate
EASEL 에서는 IMPORT PRE-PRODUCTION을 담당 하실분을 구하고 있습니다. 
 > 기본 ILLUSTRATOR & EXCEL 사용 가능하신 분
 > 핏 코멘트 & 스케줄 관리
 > 성실하시고 꼼꼼 하신분
 > 2년 이상 경력자
Job Description
 > Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
 > Must able to handle fit comments and tech packs
 > Detail-Oriented & High Organized
 > Minimum 2 years experience in Women's Apparel production
 > Microsoft Word, Power Point
Tradeshow Sales Associate 
Experience not required. 
 >  Must be able to attend domestic trade shows
 > Establish / maintain new accounts and   process / follow up PO with buyers
 > Excellent communication and presentation skills
 > Organized and detail oriented
 > Must be fluent in English
 > Must have a flexible schedule (travel on the weekends)   
 > Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks
Import Designer
저희 easel에서는 창조적이고 열정적인 임포트 디자이너를 찾고 있습니다.  
 > Fashion Design 전공 하신분들 환영
 > 4년 이상 경력자
 > Fit 보실수 있는 분
 > Illustrator & Photoshop 사용 가능 하신 분
 > 꼼꼼하고 성실하신분
Job Description 
We are looking for enthusiastic and creative designers to join our design team. 
 > Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
 > Must able to handle fit comments and tech packs
 > Detail-Oriented & High Organized
 > Fashion Design Major Preferred
 > Minimum 4 years experience in Women's Apparel                       
 > Microsoft Word, Excel

Designer Assistant
저희 easel에서는 창조적이고 열정적인 디자이너 어시스턴트를 찾고 있습니다. 
 > 패션 디자인 학교 졸업자 선호합니다.
 > 경력 1년 이상
 > 기본 Illustrator and Photoshop 스킬 
 > 좋은 의사 소통 및 대인 관계 잘하시는분
 > 성실하고 꼼꼼하신분을 찾습니다
Job Description 
We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative designer assistant to join our design team. 
 > Must be Full-Time
 > Fashion Design School Graduate preferred
 > Basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
 > Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
 > Detail-Oriented & High Organized
 > Must have at least 1 Year experience
 > Microsoft Word, Excel 



♦ Full Time Positions Only



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