Job Opportunities (공무, 생산)

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CJ Foods
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Fullerton, CA
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CJ Foods Manufacturing Corp. in Fullerton, CA has many job opportunities: 


1) Maintenance Technician - 기능직

2) Assembly Line Supervisor (2nd shift)

3) General Production Worker



1) Maintenance Technician 


- Job Description 

  • Ensure safety of operators by installing safe-guards & lock out/tag out 

  • Maintain forming machines and automatic combination weight scale 

  • Adjust auto-packer program and problem issue 

  • Check spare parts requirement and keep stock of all parts 

  • Manage and inspect operations of machine for preventative maintenance 

  • Coordinate with Safety Manager to comply with machine's operating manual 

  • Train employees in safety of machines along with the Safety Manager 

  • Other duties assigned 


- Preferred Qualifications 

  • Bachelor's Degree & 2+ years of directly related experience, OR 

  • Associate's Degree & 4+ years of directly related experience 

  • Bilingual in English/Korean (Verbal/Written) 

  • Food industry in a manufacturing environment 



2) Assembly Line Supervisor (2nd shift)


- Supervise Production & Observe SOP

  • Carry out assignments and production that are scheduled by 1st Shift Supervisor

  • Run production according to plans while checking: production lines, cleaning-state, machine running-state, and adherence 

     to SOP by workers

  • Check and replenish components and packages when there are tasks that require cooperation with the Logistics Division

  • If necessary, ask staffing agency supervisors & employees to cooperate

  • Document the results of 2nd shift for clear communication between 1st & 2nd shifts

  • Maintain work environments clean & hygienic

  • Supervise and manage employees to ensure all personnel are kept safe from harm 


- Execute Production Plan

  • Execute production plan that 1st shift supervisor made and report it to 1st shift supervisor by documentation


- Troubleshooting

  • Periodically monitor quality during production is being processed

  • When wrong products are manufactured, keep them separately and return to normal production schedule again after 

     remedying the issue

  • Regarding wrongfully made products, make sure to report to manager and to share with 1st shift supervisor with documentation

  • In case of problems during production, check setting values on the machines and take corrective actions

  • Report to manager of any trouble-shooting & immediate issues


- Preferred Qualifications 

  • Bachelor's Degree & 1+ years of directly related experience, OR 

  • Associate's Degree & 4+ years of directly related experience 

  • Bilingual in English/Spanish or English/Korean 

  • Food industry experience in a manufacturing facility 

  • Prior supervisory role at a production line 

  • Training and/or certifications in food & beverage manufacturing (GMP, HACCP, CPIM, etc.)



3) General Production Worker

- Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities by Production Room

  • Common Tasks
      o Work with raw materials and production machinery
      o Operate production line equipment
      o Assemble goods on a production line
      o Report equipment faults to maintenance staff
      o Monitor the production process and carrying out basic testing and quality checks
      o Log ingredient usage and codes on the paper
      o Clean and maintain work areas and machinery
  • Dough Maker Room
      o Operate the dough maker machine
      o Move the flour by operating the forklift
      o Put the flour into the dough maker machine
      o Mix dough ingredients according to the formula
      o Move the dough rack to the Forming Room
  • Filling Mixer Room
      o Operate the mixer, chopper and grinder machines
      o Operate the pallet jack and forklift
      o Put the raw meats into the grinder with shovel
      o Put grinded meats and vegetables into the mixer
      o Move the mixer wagon to the Forming Room
      o Move sauce container
      o Mix filling ingredients according to formula
  • Forming Room
      o Operate the machines
      o Clean the machines
      o Assemble and disassemble the machines
      o Move the mixer wagon
      o Move the dough container
      o Put the dough into the machines
      o Sorting out defective products
  • Packing Room
      o Inspect product coming out of the cooling tunnel
      o Bag products on the manual packing machine
      o Keep packing room neat and organized
      o Clean the machines
      o Move out trashes
      o Operate the bag sealer
      o Move product bags
      o Palletize and bring products to the freezer
  • Boxing Room
      o Operate the pallet jack and forklift
      o Boxing the products
      o Load boxes on the pallet
      o Wrap the pallet
      o Label the products
      o Make boxes
      o Move pallets with forklift

- Qualification
  • Education: High School Diploma preferred
  • Experience: Production experience preferred
  • Language Skills: Bilingual(English/Spanish) preferred

- Working Condition
  • Endure working in a cold environment and experience temperature changes
  • Ability to lift or move up to 50 lbs. frequently during shift
  • Must be flexible and able to work different shifts (day, swing & graveyard)


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