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[GCOOP USA 채용 공고]  

지쿱㈜와 더불어 보다 나은 세상을 열어갈 인재를 구합니다. 

I.  [English Translation Freelancer]

              ■    Korean to English <-> English to Korean

II.  [ Customer Support / Logistics / Marketing Research & Planning ]
              ■    Must be legally authorized to work in the United States
              ■    Full-time, M-F, 9am~6pm

              ■    Benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Paid Time Off, Lunch Provided


1. Customer Support

    o ​전화 및 이메일을 통한 친절하고 우수한 고객/회원 서비스 가능자​

    o ​1~4년의 Customer Support 경력자 우대​

    o ​MS Office (엑셀, 워드, 아웃룩 등)에 능숙한 자

    o ​주문, 반품, 교환 등의 정확한 확인업무 수행​​

    o ​각종 문서작업 처리 가능자 (일일 보고서 자료 포함)​

    o ​고등학교 졸업 이상 학력자

    o ​스페인어 구사자 우대

    o 근무장소: 커머스 또는 코리아타운


2. Logistics
    o Associate’s degree or equivalent preferred, but not required
    o Proficient in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.)
    o Fluency in Korean and English
    o Work experience in logistics preferred
    o Daily operations, Input data and shipping arrangement 
    o Communication with vendors, government offices, customers, etc.
    o Location: City of Commerce

3. Marketing Research & Planning
    o Position: Team Leader or Staff
    o Must be bilingual in English and Korean
    o Bachelor’s degree required
    o Internet-savvy with an ability to research solutions using online resources
    o Knowledgeable of marketing concepts such as brand health & positioning and customer satisfaction
    o Excellent in MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, etc.) 
    o FDA related work experience is plus, but not required
    o Spanish Speaker Preferred
    o Location: City of Commerce or Korea Town

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